Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial Work Platforms with Exceptional Build Quality
The highest attention to quality is of great importance to all world-class or serious mobile equipment manufacturers. PHC’s experienced engineering design team works closely with the OEM’s design team to help assure that the final design fully meets the specifications of the OEM.

Extensive Testing of Every Aerial Work Platform
In addition to the routine finished cylinder testing, PHC has a design validation test lab. PHC can perform a variety of design validation tests, including cycle tests for seal durability testing. In addition, load testing, fatigue testing, pulse testing, and weld strength testing can all be done in our test lab. Our experienced engineering team, in collaboration with the OEM customer, will design a test or series of tests to demonstrate an ability to meet specific performance criteria or simulate a lifecycle expectation of the product. Our experienced lab staff will provide a full test report with the results. From there, design acceptance can be confirmed by the OEM and/or modification or changes determined.

Designing and Producing for an International Audience
Our company continues to produce hydraulic cylinders for companies across Europe and Asia in addition to our U.S. operation. What this means is that we are in a strong position to assist OEM companies that have an international remit, producing cylinders that meet national and international standards.

Experienced, Highly Skilled Workforce
Whether you need a specific type of hydraulic cylinder for your aerial work platforms, or are looking for a different type of cylinder for a new project, we've got the expertise you need for sustainable business success. To find out more, call us at (910) 298-0100.