Material Handling

Global Reputation for Material Handling Solutions
PHC has built a strong track record of meeting the highest quality requirements with very short lead-time from order to shipment on a very large number of individual part numbers. Our production processes are extremely well suited to meet the needs of Material Handling Industry OEMs, who typically offer a wide variety of front-end lifting configurations and height options.

We Tailor What We Do To Meet Your Needs
PHC has been serving the material handling industry successfully for several decades. Our highly flexible production process allows us to produce a wide variety of part number requirements in impossible-to-accurately-forecast, unpredictable week-to-week quantity requirements. This unique feature of PHC value proposition allows us to provide our customers with a superior level of value, including virtually eliminating our OEM customers' inventory of hydraulic cylinders that are not immediately scheduled for production.

Ideal for Clients with an International Market
With our production operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, PHC can serve our OEM customers worldwide. Given our customers provide similar or the same designs in multiple geographies, by sourcing with PHC they can receive the exact same designs, product reliability, and prompt and effective technical support globally.

Exceptional Levels of Accuracy and Engineering
We provide single-acting lifts and double-acting tilts that are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and stringently tested to ensure compliance with the highest possible standards. Our aim is to provide a flexible, responsive service that is capable of meeting the most demanding requirements. To find out more about what we can offer, call us at (910) 298-0100.