Off-Highway Vehicles

We Build Hydraulic Cylinders to Last
Large mobile equipment typically used in demanding “off road” applications often have very robust specification requirements for components such as hydraulic cylinders. Given the nature of the work being performed, typically hydraulic cylinders working in the off highway sectors are built to meet high force requirements and withstand the rigors of the challenging work environments in which they are being used.

Versatile Solutions to Your “Off Highway” Specs
PHC has a long track record of success in this sector. For tipper cylinders, suspension cylinders, steering cylinders or other cylinders used in off highway applications, PHC is an excellent choice. PHC has proven experience in this sector providing cylinders to World Class OEM’s serving this market sector. Our proven design capability, combined with our reliable high quality at a competitive cost, makes PHC the ideal source partner for your “off-highway” cylinder requirements. In addition, PHC manufactures hydraulic accumulators which are often required in this mobile equipment sector.

We Create Components Suitable for Many Different Types of Vehicle
We have many years of experience in producing parts for a number of different “off highway” vehicles. Our pro-active, dedicated way of working ensures that no matter how demanding your product specification might be, our skilled team and top grade plants can produce what you need, on time and within the agreed budget. We aim to work in partnership with our clients, sharing the common aim of producing top quality vehicles that benefit from exceptional performance and longevity.

Flexible Approach to Match Your Requirements
No matter the specifications or desires you may have, we get the job done, producing components which are rigorously tested and benefit from an exceptional build quality. To find out more, call us at (910) 298-0100.